Saturday, October 6, 2007

the classroom i teach in is between the animal feeding grounds and the pit latrines, so my classroom is constantly filled with the smell of waste, animal and human.

the weather is stifling here; the moment i step out of my icy shower, i begin to sweat.

i sleep under a mosquito net to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes infected with malaria among other diseases, but i still cant avoid ants and crickets in my bed.

in my bathroom lives a rat the size of a house cat and there are a few bats in the shower. this morning i almost grilled a lizard in my toaster.

fred, my piki man is almost always late, sometimes runs into cows, runs out of gas, or forgets to warm me of impending pot holes.

when i walk home, i am hit on by at least ten disgusting, crude men, most 20 years older than me.

when it rains, the awful roads turn into muddy swamps, making it nearly impossible to go anywhere.

for lunch and dinner we eat posho, which is corn-flour boiled in water until it is thick and pasty. it tastes a little worse than elmer's glue.

sometimes, the children are so dirty they actually reek; it is impossible to touch them without becoming filthy,

with the wind blowing red dust everywhere, it is impossible not to be filthy anyway.

a rooster crows around 5 to wake me up; that is if i havent already been up all night with a sick baby, or getting sick myself.

and to you, those sound like complaints. they are not; this is me, rejoicing in the Lord. because you see..

i love my tiny classroom. i love the hot sun on my face. i love my bed, cozy under my net after a long day. i love my home sweet home, all its creatures included. i love fred, my piki man. i love my long walks home, day or night, rain or shine. i love the beating, cleansing african rain. i love my african meals, prepared with such love and generosity. i love to be hugged and touched and jumped on and cuddled by the dirty street children. i love the cool, dusty breeze in my hair. i love every african sunrise, the cool and calm of a new morning. i love each and every day, each and every moment that i spend in this beautiful country; i rejoice in each breath that i take.


Meredith Witt said... are truly amazing kate!
i love you ♥

Brenda said...

Hi Katie, This is Brenda from Indiana...A. Jewell's daughter. I am humbled by what you are doing and the way God is using you. You are so very strong...and I think you must be pure of heart! I thank God for you and pray that He will keep you safe from harm and evil. God bless you! Love in Christ...Brenda

Aunt Vicki said...

Kate, We pray God continues to watch over you and keep you safe. We so enjoy reading your blog, it's obvious giving hugs and kisses is'nt your only gift! Love you lot's. Aunt Vicki & Uncle Denny

allie said...

hey katie! you are so wonderful!!!! i could never ever do that! are you sure those are noot complaints? i love you

Gwen Oatsvall said...

i am praying for all the sweet people you mention and for you ... so thankful to have found your blog..

Tennessee Love said...

I'm just heard about your blog Katie and am so excited to read what I have read thus far. I'm starting from 2007 and making my way up to the present b/c I don't want to miss the continuous journey God has been going through with you. I read this journal entry and had to comment, although I admit many other entries have brought me to tears. Sometimes I wonder if God called me to live in Africa (I'm going to Zimbabwe on STM in July with a team), would I be able to say "Yes" without reservation. Reading about the bugs and rodents, I have to say my heart sank even though I had spent a year living in a third world country myself. I don't know how you do it with such joy. Praise God! I pray God rids me of that fear of rodents and bugs.

Marni said...

I'm sorry to comment on several posts in a row, but I can't help it! The fact that you can see all of those inconveniences, etc as blessings and reasons to rejoice is amazing. Your words echo those of Paul in Philippians. Thank you for your example. I love that you hug and kiss all those kids, in spite of their dirtiness and smell. That was one thing that stood out to me the most, upon first glance of your blog -- the pictures of you with the kids, always touching them in some way, happy to be with them. Showing them the love of the Father. Pure and beautiful. Thank you for that picture.

Shaina said...

You seem so amazing. I've never known anyone like you before. I don't feel that you were complaining. Like you said, it's your life. The good with the bad. Speaking of the down sides adds authenticity to what you's real. Your blog is very compelling. If people are to be set on fire to do such things for God, then they need to not simply hear of the good and easy times. You're truly awesome!
I do believe God has blessed you.

olaoluwatomi said...

God Bless you!