Monday, May 25, 2009

This month....

I fell in love with a baby named Barbara, and did not bring her home with me. This should be considered a milestone. ;)

Jane decided it would be an awesome idea to give herself a haircut.

My children discovered the joys of taking all the sheets and blankets off of their beds and turning their room into the greatest fort ever.

We had the priviledge of feeding, and bathing, and loving a WHOLE lot of beautiful Karamajong children, many of whom now are working toward a beautiful relationship with Jesus and are enrolled in school. Fabulous.

My girls though it would be fun to tie yarn in their hair... So for the first time ever they were not bald... How cute are they?

We added two members to our family, Molly and Hannah. Oh, and they are goats. :)

Amazima Ministries gave out about a million pens, pencils, rolls of toilet paper, ect... in preparation for back to school today! BIG BIG thanks to all our sponsors for making this possible! (yes, school is back in, I only have two kids at home, and will probably be blogging more for all who were concerned)

These two little ones were potty trained, and except for maybe one accident a week, are doing wonderfully!

My family truly delighted in praying for all of you! Keep the requests coming and we will keep lifting you up to the Almighty Father. Which reminds me of a good story...The other night, after many nights of no power, the power began to go out again during dinner. My children instantly and simulateously lifted their hands as the lights flickered and ask Jesus not to let the power go out. It stayed on, I decided it was just a fluke. Ten minutes later the power did go all the way out, and again they lifted their little hands. I smiled to myself, what beautiful faith. Sure, I wanted the power to stay on too, but I wasn't going to ask Jesus for it... Well, my children were. A few minutes later the power came back and I thought that it was a wonderful coincidence that would teach my children the power of prayer (yes, I am this dense sometimes). After I put the kiddos to bed I looked down the street. Imagine my surprise, the power at every house on our street, and for as far as I could see, WAS indeed out. All our neighbors now think that we have a generator. Oh, my small fickle faith is a feather in the wind next to their's, ever unwavering, still believing. I am so thankful for what I learn from my precious children each day.

Lots of love from the Davis family

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Any one who spent any time with me while I was in the states will recognize this sweatshirt as I pretty much LIVED in it. I know plenty of people who will be thrilled to know that it has a new home.