Saturday, September 8, 2007

september 6, 2007

they have finally stopped treating me like the queen of england here at canaan, and decided its ok if i work. i am so so happy. i spent the morning doing laundry with the 5 and 6 year girls, and the saddest part was that of all these little children, i am the worst at doing laundry by hand. i love that here at canaan, everyone is expected to contribute to the family. the children help do the laundry, the dishes, help me cook, and help bathe and dress and take care of one another. everyone has a role. i think this is important, as i now know the wonderful feeling of accomplishment that comes when you have just finished doing the laundry of 100 kids by hand! we all just laughed as my dog decided to roll on our newly washed sheets - oh, banange! (in luganda, an expression of exasperation, but usually used playfully)

did i mention yet that i have a dog? well he wasnt actually originally mine; he was just one of the four dogs living at the home, but the minute i walked through the doors at canaan last week, he began to follow me around and hasn't left my side since. his name is james, and he is an old, gentle as can be, german shepherd, and i don't know why he likes me. the kids can only explain it as "just because". the first time i walked to jinja, he followed me the whole ten miles. he would let only children come near me, but when others came close he stood between us. watching this dog who had no apparent reason to like me so much, no reason to be my friend, i was reminded of my loving Father above. i was reminded that He is walking with me every step of the way and that He is my protector, and though He has no reason to really be my friend, though i am not worthy,He likes me - loves me - anyway. and so my puppy james is my constant comfort. as he follows me around, as i smuggle him close, i remember that i am never alone. i am constantly in the presence of God who is greater than all of africa, a God who loves me, "just because".


Anonymous said...

i love you kdavis... i miss u so much and i check on you every day!!! since our time is so different i get like 3 of your posts all at once, once or twice a week and i love it and im praying for you and i miss you a lot and i am so happy that you are happy and i am so proud of you!

KateM said...

Katie, as I sat here and began to read all your entries since you first arrived in Africa, it began to rain, the hard rain that you talked about that is in Africa, and I felt that even though you are so far away, we are still in the same world, on the same earth, and it made me really happy :)
you are wonderful, i love you!

-Katie Medley

Marie86 said...

how awesome....I know this is an old post, but after reading your book I was so impressed with what you shared in it and am now reading over your old posts you have here....I feel as though we are almost twins in our circumstances...though I wasn't working in an orphange, I was serving for a time on the Hopi Indiand Reservation in Arizona and had so many of the same experiences as you. I feel deeply in love with the people there in AZ on the Rez, I too "have" a dog that followed me everywhere. I miss "my" dog. I can very well relate with your experiences and feelings and the things that God has impressed in you.