Thursday, November 22, 2007

Peter is the rock on which God built His church. But fist, Peter was probably the worst disciple ever. I am Peter.

Jesus tells Peter the Peter will deny Him 3 times; Peter says, "No! I love you, I could never deny you, Lord." Yet we all know that Peter does in fact deny Jesus 3 times. I know in my heart and my soul and the core of my being that I LOVE the Lord, that I would do anything for Him, go to the ends of the earth for Him, but how often do i forget to give the Glory back to His name? How often do I take compliments without giving Him the credit, without the honor and praise back to God who has given me this work? Do I, as Peter, deny Jesus the glory that is His?

Jesus told His disciples that it was God's will for Him to be arrested. He went willingly when the soldiers came to take Him, but enthusiastic, loving Peter raised his sword and cut off a soldier's ear. I'm sure Jesus chuckled and shook His head as He put the ear right back on the man. "put your sword away," Jesus commanded, "shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?" I am Peter. I have my own time frame. When I don't see things happening, I try to make them happen. And Jesus says, "Put away your sword, put away your plans. Shall we not do what the Father has asked of us?" So like Peter, I put away my plans, my defenses, and watch as everything happens perfectly, in God's own timing.

After Jesus had risen, He appeared to His disciples while they were fishing. When Peter saw his beloved Savior, He excitedly jumped out of the boat and began swimming where Jesus stood. Needless to say, the boat probably reached the shore long before Peter. I am Peter. Excitedly jumping into things, and then standing, sopping wet, at the feet of the Lord, smiling at my stupidity. I get excited, forget to think things through, and end up doing them the long way. Every time, though, just as with Peter, Jesus welcomes my soaking wet self into His arms and is simply happy to see me.

I am Peter who made many mistakes, but I am Peter who God had great plans for, who God established to do His work. Peter is the rock on which Jesus built His church. The very night that Perter foolishly jumped out of the boat, Jesus reinstated Him in the presence of the other disciples. "Do you truly love me?" He asked. "Then feed my lambs." "Do you really love me? Take care of my lambs." "Peter, DO YOU LOVE me? Feed my sheep, and come. Come follow Me."

For each time that I deny God the Glory that is His, for each time I follow my will instead of listening to His, for each time I jump ahead without first consulting my Lord, He asks, “Daughter, do you truly love me?” and I do. “Feed my sheep.” And I will. And I do. “Come follow me.” And I am, or at least I am trying.

I am Peter. I mess up. I make mistakes, I am far from perfect, and God will use me. God will establish great things through me. You are Peter. God already knows that you will make a mess, but His plan for you is great. Go. Feed His sheep.


Brenda said...

Hi Katie..Just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job for the Lord! I pray that you are safe and healthy. And that god will bless you and the work you are doing. "If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother in need and has no compassion on him, how can the love of God be in him?" IJohn 3:17 You are certainly showing God's love for these people. Brenda

Lisa said...

Hello dear friend...what a joy you are in the lives of many. Yours is a special journey... May God continue to bless you as you touch hearts and transform lives. And remember "He who began a good work
within you will be faithful to complete it." Our family sends you
our love and continued prayers.

Unknown said...

Hi Katie:

I am a stockbroker in Nashville, TN, and I have a connection with you through my wife and your Dad. Like everyone, I'm really proud of you for what you are doing.

I usually send my clients a small Christmas present each year. Its a strange custom and its about time we did something more powerful with the money instead. I would like to adopt your orphanage this year to celebrate Christ's birthday.

Please send me a wish list of what is needed most. Soccer Balls, Dolls, Clothes, Medicine, Pencils, Coloring Books, Bibles, whatever Santa has forgotten in the past. Post it on your Blog or send me an e-mail at I will coordinate with your parents on how to get it to you.

Merry Christmas!

mom said...

mom said...there are millions of ways to express your happiness, but there is only one way to really be happy, and that is to LOVE. There is no other way. You, my darling are exceptional at loving these beautiful children. Take care of yourself, continue loving and stay safe. I LOVE YOU. It is the countdown for Uganda.

Grandma J. said...

Hi Katie...just testing to see if the new acct. will work. Grandma J.

Grandma J. said... works!!
It seems that things are moving along beautifully for you in setting up your not for profit organization. So many dear generous people!

Continue the good work in helping those dear children. I know God blesses you & keeps you safe in doing his work.
Love you so much.
Grandma J.

Holli said...

WOW! still here reading! Seriously needed this one today!
I am Peter too.....

Anonymous said...

that is amazing. you are succeeding in feeding His sheep. keep up the amazing work.

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds. For you know that the testing of your faith developes perseverance. And perseverance must finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

-somewhere in James 1 :)

Anonymous said...

so true...I feel like Peter so many times...thanks for posting what God has been showing you, this post encouraged me.

Rachel said...


I have always compared myself to Peter, it is everywhere in my journal. He is my favorite charter in the Bible (besides Jesus :) ) I love how he works so hard to prove his love, then he fails, Jesus picks him up, and he is back and moving forward. I just love your journey, and it may sound crazy, but I know God has something similar in store for me! I pray for you, your kids, your organization, and the souls of all those you have touched and will touch. Keep it up, and know that for someone like me, you are such an inspiration!

Lauren said...

Thank you for your words, Katie- written years ago. I just wanted to say that I do give God glory for YOUR life. Oh, how I need to be reminded that the God of the Bible is MY God, the Jesus I read of is living and active and wants me to live a radical life, not nominal. That this is HIS PLAN for me, and its scary and its good. To God be the glory, who is able to do immeasurably more then we can ever think or imagine. Your words and life remind me that this same God that I see in you is the same God that is alive in me. How I doubt and how I need to be reminded of his life through Him being ALIVE in others. God bless you sister. I am praying for you and the little ones under your care. May you be filled with His all sufficient GRACE, daily.

Anonymous said...

You wrote this 7 years ago, but I needed it today. Your faith is inspiring.