Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the heavens rejoiced today as 40 kids gave their hearts to Jesus.

oh, the power of the Lord that we serve :) the best thing about watching a child accept Christ is the fact that you can see the change take place. children are honest. they don't do things because they feel like they need to, because it is the thing to do. they don't do it to impress. these children give their hearts to the Lord because they can feel Him, they KNOW that He is real. they want hope, something to cling to in a land of nothing. and they find it there, in the arms of their Father. and being able to share that hope with them is a gift beyond any in this world.

i do not consider myself and evangelist, and i don't hope to be one. but i believe that you can share Christ with others through the way you behave, the way that you love. i believe that God makes Himself known to these children and all i have to do is show them the reality of His love. i tell them stories of a God who has moved me to a country far from my home and captivated my heart and soul. i tell them stories of a God who has a plan for my life that is always greater than what i have in mind, a God who has a plan for them too. they cling to this hope. so i continue to share it.

this ministry has take off, leaving me constantly filthy, exhausted, and thoroughly overjoyed. in the last week we have signed 101 children up in out sponsorship program, many of whom will go to school for the first time, though they are a range of ages, at the start of the school year in february. they are just as excited as i am. we have also started village ministry, doing Bible studies, singing songs and playing games with these kids and their friends in their home villages. my house is a mess and i don't have a spare minute to clean it, but i'm pretty sure that God doesn't care. mom, i promise to clean up a but before you guys get here. :)


Unknown said...

Dear Katie:

Santa Claus is coming to town!

I have mailed you 12 boxes of goodies to Uganda. I have been in contact with your mother, and I believe most of your wish list has been granted. Start looking for the boxes to arrive around the 20th of the month. I've included a wide assortment of items for you, your classroom, the kids, and the mama's at your orphanage. I hope this is a Merry Christmas for you and your little ones in Africa!
May God continue to smile upon your calling,
Darryl Thompson

Jewels of My Heart said...

Even though you posted this so long ago........ I am reading it for the first time and my heart overflows with joy for the 40 children who have been born again through Jesus Christ.
You will never know the magnitude of your service to the Lord in Uganda until one day you are before the throne of our God and you look around you to see the faces of people who you shared Jesus with. Who you in some way helped lead them to Christ....
I can think of no greater legacy...
A beautiful life indeed.
Thank you Jesus for this precious and faithful servant of Christ.
God bless you Katie, and thank you.

C.Guty said...

Hello Katie,
I don't know you but my friend has shared your blog with me! What amazing impact you are having on these children and families. Keep up the amazing work that God has blessed you in being able to do! My prayers are with you. Thanks for the encouragment through your blog. It really is inspirational!