Friday, January 25, 2008

140 children are going to school.
with uniforms and shoes and socks and supplies and meals and everything.

busy doesnt begin to describe it.
more joy than i can handle doesnt either.



julie d said...

katie katie.
it's julie.
your future roomie.

i joined the rest of the world and i now have a blog.

can't wait.
just over 4 weeks.

Amy and Bethany's Ugandan Adventures! said...

katie, me and beth are reading your blog and we lerve you. i am going to beat you now dont cry okay?

becca2008 said...


just wanted to say that you continue to be my inspiration. every time i give my speech at a forensics tournament with ravenwoods team, i think of all you do, and when I get to the part when I talk about what youa re doing, i get overwhelmed, because you do so much for these kids...

keep on truckin!

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie,
I'm a 13 yr. old teenage girl whom you are what I want to be when I grow up.
I want to go to Africa and do what you do and write a book on it. And you doing it has inspired me more to go on ahead and do it.
1 day I might meet you and when we do I will be glad and hug you. I thank God for you!