Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a piece of paper tumbles in the wind. on it is a picture that we have all seen - the face of a white male with long brown hair, a matching beard, and a crown of thorns. a child looks up from picking through the garbage pile and snatches the paper. "auntie kate!" he grins, "this is Jesus!" i look around me. at his bright dazzling smile, a stark contrast to his dingy, torn clothing and mud-caked feet, at the small yellow flowers peeking through the trash and overgrowth. i feel the warmth of sumini against my chest, her tiny arms wrapped tightly around me; i feel the african sun that warms me to the core and the wind in my hair that refreshes and renews. my heart might burst. "THIS," i think, "is Jesus". this is Jesus.

there is a love greater than anyone can imagine that fills me up. and unlike anything else in the world, as i give it away it doesn't ever run out but only multiplies. and THIS, this is Jesus.


mom said...

mom said...beautifully written and I will get to hug and see you in 9 days. xoxoxo Mom

Katie Barnes said...

YOU are incredible. i think you should write a book. i love you beautiful and i can't wait to see your face!!! and give you a HUGE hug.. unlike your mom i have to wait 17 more days.. but we've made it this far... i think i can do it... I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!!! and i ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT TO ROLLER BLADE!!!!!!!!!! you have NO idea.

Anonymous said...

This is Jesus! Just when you think its too much, its too hard, it won't work...There He is, Jesus, shining through the hearts of His people. The overwhelming love that we receive in return is His Love, a love so bountiful and filling- we yearn for more and more!
May He continue to bless you all. Know you are being prayed for by strangers of the World, but brothers and sisters in Christ.

Carrisa, Kentucky

Anonymous said...

This message from 6 years ago has arrived just in time - within an hour of a phone message of the death last night of a dear loved one.