Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The Holidays are fast approaching and a part of my heart is missing. Just the thought of spending Christmas without my precious ones is enough to break me. But I look around and know that I have so much to be thankful for. So much to praise for.

I am thankful for my mother who will do anything to help, who keeps me organized when I cannot fathom organization, who is always there to talk to and to cry on and to laugh with, who taught me how to love with my whole heart.

I am thankful for my father who is supportive even when he doesn't understand, helps me so much with all the big business concepts I don't understand, and whose unconditional love is such a constant reminder of the Heavenly Father's.

I am thankful for my little brother who is my best friend, who will come sleep in my bed just to keep me company, who can always make me laugh and will listen to stories about Uganda or college or anything else, even if he could care less, just because he's awesome.

I am thankful for my sweet boyfriend, Ben - and this is where all the questions come in... how could I possibly have a boyfriend, is he also passionate about missions, where is he, blah, blah - Well for all you wonderers: Ben is a fabulous athlete on a track scholarship at the University of Florida. We started dating in high school and he came to visit Uganda last Christmas. He is living his passion; I am live mine. The question of whether we will ultimately live happily ever after, I don't know the answer to, though I would be thrilled. The outcome is up to God, and I am not concerned because I know that ultimately His plan for both of us will prevail. Until then, Ben is my constant support. He is one of the few people in my life who instead of saying "you're crazy" says "let's pray about that". Maybe he doesn't always get it, but he always listens anyway. I am blessed by him daily.

My family: Mom, me, Ben, Brad, and Daddy

I am thankful for my darling roommate Meredith, talk about a sweet heart that really KNOWS how to love people. She spends so much of her time caring for the people around her (myself included!) and is always ready to help a friend in need. She is a little missionary right here in Nashville and a woman after God's heart. I have learned so much from her about truly "blooming where we are planted." She always listens and always encourages me to go where God is leading my heart, even if it is away from her.

The best roommate EVER

I am thankful for the May family. Supposedly, I work for this family. What really happens is I go there after class, cuddle with their sweet little ones Sophie and Dylan, play the piano and do homework with the older ones Connor and Jackson, hang out with and talk to Amy and Phil, and leave with a full heart and usually a full belly. Every day at the May house I get to see and hold little miracles. I only hope I can bless them half as much as they have blessed me.

Their oldest, Jackson, and I on Halloween as The Joker and Catwoman

I am thankful for the Oatsvalls and the Mayernicks, most especially Gwen and Suzanne, my "administrative assistants" and soul sisters. These beautiful women have enriched my life in such a way that i can hardly explain - they are a whole other post in itself. They know what it is to live better, forgetting about what the world says and only taking to heart what God says. They are two of the most passionate, Godly women, aside from my mom, that I have ever met, and they know my heart for orphans. They have opened their arms, their homes and their lives to me and are now walking every step of the journey with me: helping fund raise, getting excited each time a check comes in the mail, returning phone calls and emails, and listening and supporting through all the turbulent emotions that are mine on a daily basis. If I don't see them in person, I talk to them on a daily basis. I never want to imagine my life without these women who understand my soul.

Gwen, me, Suzanne at one of many fund raising (and more importantly chocolate cake..) parties!

I am thankful for Uganda. For my children who have forever changed my heart. Sometimes in order to live in this environment that is Nashville, Tennessee, it would be much easier not to know the hurts of the world. But I am always thankful that I know. I do realize that it is not common for a 20 year old to know so strongly what her purpose from the Lord is, and while every once in a while this feels like a burden, every day it is a joy. I am thankful for that joy. Proverbs 24 says that "once our eyes have been opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know and hold us responsible to act." While it is a great hurt and great responsibility to know that there are 150 million orphans in the world right this moment as I sit in the comfort of my own home, I am so thankful to be a part of the responsibility. I am thankful that my eyes have been opened.

A few of my sweet girls who, due to God's beautiful plan for my life and theirs, are no longer part of the orphan statistic. They long with me for the day that there will be no "orphan statistic" and all children will have the opportunity to grow and be loved as they have. I am thankful for that hope and that promise.

To all who have gone out of their way to help me, sent donation, sent letters of encouragement, and sent prayers: I am thankful for YOU. Some of you have been with me one this journey from day one and some of your are just joining, but I assure you, you are part of this work. I do not and could not do this alone. Every prayer is felt, every encouragement so appreciated. Together we are going to change that statistic. Happy Thanksgiving.


Gwen Oatsvall said...

what a sweet sweet post !!! i do love you and am thankful God saw fit to let Suzanne and I be a part of your world and your life ... i love you, love your family both here and in Uganda ... You are teaching me so much each day and I can't wait to see where this road takes our families !!!

Love Ya Sister !!! I am so extra thankful this Thanksgiving for you!!

Over Caffeinated Mama said...


Love the post... and hi to the Oatsvall's too! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


emily said...

I am really thankful for you! I can't tell you how excited I am to "meet" you in person. What a gift! :)

nicole said...

hi katie,

i've found your blog through gwen's. my goodness, God is working so powerfully through you.

i love what you said in a prior post about seeking God's perfect -- not just permissive-- will.

your life challenges me to seek His holy will. i'll be finishing med school in a few years and am praying about God's will for how i will use it. my life is His; of this i am certain. (would you need a doctor to help?)

i am praying for you, and for all those you love katie. much love and prayers to you, dear sister in Christ~


Tracy said...

I'm thankful for your love and obedience to His call on your beautiful life! I'm thankful for how He led us to you and how your influence is reaching places none of us could ever imagine! Beautiful post! :)

Jimmy said...

Ok this is my first ever comment on a blog. Although I thought that I would never do this. I can't help but feeling that I need to tell you that you are such a blessing. Not not only to the lives of those you care for in Uganda but those that are touched by your amazing stories revealed in this blog. You inspire me to be more like Christ and I can tell you that I am being transformed from your blogging as if they were the Holy scriptures itself. No doubt the Holy Spirit inspires each word you produce. The next time I see you I want to give you a great book named "The Knowledge of the Holy", by A.W. Tozer because you obiviouly get how big our God is. I hope to see you some day in Uganda. Thank you! Jimmy (Elle's dad and Tracy's husband)

Unknown said...

Still reading your story. Loving every bit of it, though my family is wondering why I won't get off the computer and enjoy the beach with everyone else! I love that you are scrubbing the floors with beautiful earrings on! I am loving the story of you and Ben and am anxious (as you are I'm sure) to see what's in store. We live in Gainesville and are huge gator fans, so how fun to find out that he's at UF. I will be sure to cheer extra for the track team now! I bet if Tim Tebow knew your story he'd be a huge help with fundraising after he graduates!!